Niels Leuthold

Mar 232023

Section 4.6 in the Fishery Management Plan for U.S. West Coast Fisheries for Highly Migratory Species (HMS FMP) describes the production of an annual stock assessment and fishery evaluation report, or SAFE. It provides the Council with a summary of information about the condition of HMS stocks and their marine ecosystems, and the social and economic condition of recreational and commercial fisheries and fishing communities. Much of this information may be found in the online SAFE on the Pacific Council’s website. This HMS SAFE Portal, developed and maintained by the Pacific Fisheries Information Network, provides another point of public access to HMS fisheries landings, revenue, and participation data.

PacFIN recently worked with the Council and NOAA Fisheries to implement this new data portal within the PacFIN APEX to provide access to these data. This Portal is organized in three tabs.

  1. The About landing tab provides high-level metrics for the most recent reporting year in the HMS fisheries
  2. The SAFE Highlights tab provides fishery specific information, including a brief description of the fishery; catch, revenue, and participation trends; and average landings composition by species.
  3. The Available Data tab provides access to ten detailed data reports.  These reports present landings, revenue, and participation data by species, fisheries, port, and time of year. Users may filter the data and download it for further processing and use.

The HMS SAFE Portal is available via link from the main PacFIN APEX reports page and all reports are searchable through the Reports menu tree.

Dec 232021

Starting 12/27/2021 at 5:30 pm the AKFIN, PacFIN and RecFIN databases will be unavailable due to software upgrades. Service is expected to return by 12/20/2021 at 5 pm. The upgrades will also take the Answers and APEX reporting systems offline.

Oct 042021

Tonight (10/4/2021) between 6:30 pm and 7:30 pm the AKFIN, PacFIN and RecFIN databases and reports will be unavailable due to server maintenance.

Apr 212021

Maintenance on the AKFIN, PacFIN and RecFIN servers has been completed. Please contact staff if you experience any issues.

Apr 192021

The AKFIN, PacFIN and RecFIN databases will be unavailable from 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm PDT on Tuesday 4/20/2021 for system maintenance.

May 152020

Network updates were applied with minimal disruption to service. Please contact staff if you are experiencing any issues.