How often is data in PacFIN updated?


Data in PacFIN is updated based on when we receive datafeeds from our data providers. Data can be updated on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis. The date at the top of each report tells you when that report was last generated. However, data can be updated at anytime if the data providers deem it necessary. Listed below are common frequencies for datafeeds.

In-season, At-Sea Whiting Daily – May to November
Permit data from NOAA Weekly
Quota Species Monitoring data Weekly – Total fleet report
Monthly – Limited entry and open access report
Fish Ticket Data Monthly – around the 15th of the month (WDFW, CDFW), and the 30th (CDFW)

Weekly – ODFW

U.S. Coast Guard vessel data Monthly
Biological Data Samples (BDS) Annually – or more frequently
Trawl Logbooks Monthly – WDFW
Annually – ODFW, CDFW
ADFG/AKR Data Infrequently


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