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Available sql-scripts for the LBK system on the PacFIN Prowfish Server

Data management

Script Name Description
lbk_table_stats.sql lists record counts for each table by year, agency
slct_last_lbk_update.sql lists information from lbk_ul table for each data year for a given agid.
slct_lbk_load_hist.sql lists all loads in lbk_ul table for a given agid, datayear
slct_lbk_rejects.sql lists information on records not loaded for given agid, datayear
slct_lbk_rej_hist.sql lists rejectinformation for all loads for a given agid, datayear
slct_waterhauls.sql lists all tows which don't have any hail records associated with them
slct_longtows.sql lists all tows which were flagged as suspiciously long for a given agency, year


Script Name Description
slct_tow_arid_spid.sql list all tows from a given period for a given species in a given area.
slct_tow_arid_period.sql same as the previous, data is more restricted by time period than by species
area_effort.sql gives a monthly activity summary for given area/year
vessel_effort.sql gives a monthly activity report for given vessel/year
slct_trip.sql Lists trip attributes and total catch by species for given vessel, date
slct_tow.sql Lists catch by species,tow for given vessel, date
slct_tows_depth_arid.sql Lists all tows for given depth range, time period, area