PacFIN Explorer Page

PacFIN Explorer is a data warehouse-style multi-dimensional query tool that selects data from the Comprehensive_FT table. Queries built using this tool will contain confidential data, so please follow confidentiality protocol. Using dimensions, measures and filters you can build custom queries quickly and easily.

Dimensions are columns you wish to group by. The default dimension is Year because the PacFIN database is based on yearly data sets. You may select as many dimensions as you want by clicking radio buttons for dimensions that offer multiple levels of detail or checkboxes for single-level dimensions. For in-depth descriptions of dimensions, see the Apex Codelist Reports.

Measures are numeric values that are calculated automatically based on your dimension groupings. The default measure is Pounds (round weight) because most PacFIN queries include catch weight. You may select as many measures as you want by checking multiple boxes.

Filters allow you to restrict the amount of data selected by the query. The default filter is the current year, which can be expanded to a range of years using drop-down lists. The other filters default to Select All, and allow you to include or exclude individual values using checkboxes similar to the way Excel filters work.

Options: The Data Source option allows you to choose between original Fish Ticket data and comprehensive (daily vessel summaries with area and species comps applied). The Show Code Names option expands the codes in the Query Results to show their descriptive names. The Combine Nominal and Actual Species option maps nominal species codes to actual species codes and the combined totals are reported for the actual species. The Show Advanced Features option expands the functionality of PacFIN Explorer with three additional features: 1) User-Defined Dimension; 2) SPGROUP; and 3) SQL Edit.